Founded in 1997 by Christophe Thevenot, THEVENOT PARTNERS performs all the various duties of a Judicial Administrator. Under supervision of the courts, it has therefore dealt with difficulties at a number of companies, both small and at national and international scale, providing mediation services for amicable or court approved agreements as well as safeguard and recovery plans or courtordered sales and transfers.

Structuring its activities through a team of around 25 professionals – including the four Judicial Administrators Christophe Thevenot, Aurélia Perdereau, Bertrand Manière and Vincent Gillibert –, THEVENOT PARTNERS is based in Paris, Nantes, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Manosque, since SCP THEVENOT PARTNERS merged with SCP GILLIBERT & Partners to become SCM THEVENOT PARTNERS.

Our team, led by its four partners, offers cross-disciplinary skills to the companies to which they are assigned. Their approach is human, independent, effective and based on mutual agreement. Over the years, this approach has provided us with acknowledged experience in the prevention of difficulties and we permanently strive to ensure that company managers follow the recommended solutions for collective procedures.

Practice fees for safeguard and administration procedures are set by the appointing courts, in compliance with the tariffs specified in decree n°2016-230 of February 26, 2016 and judgment of May 28, 2016.

We will be happy to provide you with a calculation table that will enable you to calculate the amount of these fees.

For ad hoc commission procedures fees are agreed between both parties and we therefore propose a fee agreement for approval by the presiding judge. Based on this agreement, the judge will fix the Practice’s final remuneration.

For other commissions (provisional administration, mediation, amicable or legal sequestration or advice and consultation) fees are agreed upon at the commissioning stage, in other words, according to case, by the parties involved, the administrative council, the general meeting of associates or by the judge.

Finally, in the civil mandates, fees are fixed by the magistrate according to the diligences carried out and the decree of October 8, 2015 for the ad hoc mandates and provisional administration of co-ownerships in difficulty.