Services | Other commissions: Mediation, Provisional administration, Sequestration, Ad hoc



Whether this is amicable or through the courts, our associates have developed their know-how in the practice of mediation. Similar to an ad hoc negotiation or conciliation commission - but under circumstances which do not necessarily imply life-threatening financial difficulties for the company - when disputes are on the horizon or have occurred and where all parties wish to resolve matters without taking legal action.

Provisional administration

For companies which may be experiencing management problems, even though a business is not failing: the death of a company director, conflict between associates or an un-filled position following a resignation etc. Upon application by the first party to act, and where this is not opposed, the court may appoint a final order, or an interim order, for a Provisional Administrator to run the company and, in most cases, resolve the problem which has required him or her to be appointed.

Sequestration & Ad hoc commissions

Our practice is authorised to accept other commissions: Amicable or judicial sequestration, Ad hoc commissions for the representation of a defaulting party in court.