Case studies | Safeguard and Administration orders

LFoundry (2013)

Semi conductor foundry Fab (Aix en Provence), 700 employees.

GAD (2013)

Meat factory - Bretagne, 1700 employees.

OTC Conseil (2012)

Consultants specialising in the banking sector – sale completed in 2 months.

ADHMI IPP (2011)

Paediatric and Prenatal Clinic in Paris – France’s main premature baby clinic.

La Tribune (2011)

Daily financial newspaper.


Maritime transport cross-channel Calais – Dover, 1500 employees.

Coeur Défense (2009)

Organisation of LBO €1.9B, largest office block in Europe (180,000m2) in the Paris La Défense business sector.


French leader in the wedding dress sector, sold to a competitor.

EDA (2008)

Distribution of food products to service stations, 700 employees, sale completed in 5 weeks.

SFEIR (2006)

IT company of 300 employees, first administration “prepack” obtained in less than 2 months in Paris.